French Open R1 - Interview
Date: 29 mai 2007 à 22:06:20 CEST
Sujet: Interview (English)

Richard's post match interview:

Q. A match against a French guy, is it something difficult to handle? RICHARD GASQUET: To start a tournament, I played against a friend. It was a solid match, and it didn't make a lot of errors. It was a perfect match and I didn't waste a lot of energy, so it was a perfect start of the tournament.

Q. With this win what about you, how do you feel?

RICHARD GASQUET: I will play tomorrow. It wasn't a five‑set match, so I will be fit tomorrow. I feel well. I mean, my shots are okay. Everything is being well. So I'm going to play against Vliegen and it's going to be a tough second round. He's a very dangerous player.

I feel good and I feel that I will come through.

Q. So last year the first round, I mean, again on clay court especially, what about this year?

RICHARD GASQUET: So last year it was different and he didn't win any matches. I'm a city player and I'm up in the ranking so it has nothing to do with last year. A totally different situation.

Q. I mean, what about your ambitions? Do you have high ambitions? I mean, you've talked about reaching the Round of 16?

RICHARD GASQUET: No, no. I mean, it's always good, I mean, to reach the Round of 16 because the opponents are very good. But if I reach the second week, everything is possible.

Q. Concerning the blister, was it a problem?

RICHARD GASQUET: It's over. The blister has healed, so it doesn't hurt. So I fell on it during the first point, so I was a little bit afraid. But it didn't hurt me for the whole match. It's okay.

Q. Why do you say that everything is possible if you reach the second week?

RICHARD GASQUET: It means that I have a lot of confidence. If you win three matches, it means you're gonna beat them, three good opponents. It means I will be brimming with confidence. I mean, it's very difficult, I mean, to win these first matches, and I'm gonna play against Vliegen and I'm the favorite, and Vliegen is the runner‑up. But it's a difficult match to play.

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