Interview with Richard
Date: 05 avril 2007 à 13:39:04 CEST
Sujet: Interview (English)

Richard has done an interview prior to his match against Youzhny on Friday. Hear his thoughts here via the Davis Cup site, or alternatively, we have transcribed it.

Richard, two years ago against Russia ,in Moscow, that's where your Davis Cup career began. Is it nice to be back?

RG: Yeah it's nice. I like to be in Moscow. It's a nice city. But it will be really hard for us because we have to play against Russia. It's a good team - they are favourites. I will try to do my best, but it will be really hard for us.

Are you good at waiting? Because you have to wait for the first match to be finished.

RG: Well, that's OK. I have time, and I am pleased to play the second match because I can see the first against Davydenko with Paul-Henri. So no, it's not a problem for me to be second.

Did you expect to be playing Mikhail Youzhny?

RG: I think I could play against Safin, but it's the same against Youzhny. He's a great player. It will be really, really difficult for me. I will see...I think I can win this match, but it will be hard.

Have you ever played him on clay?

RG: No, never. It will be the first time. In Davis Cup, it's not the same as on the Tour, but I will try to do my best and I will have to play a really good match to win against Youzhny.

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