Interview: Richard in Toronto
Date: 10 août 2006 à 19:29:37 CEST
Sujet: Interview (English)

R.GASQUET/J.Blake 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Richard.

Q. I think that's your best win since you beat of Roger Federer. It must feel very sweet, the victory.

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, maybe it's my best victory since Roger last year. It's a great performance because I won him here, not only clay court. No, it was on a hard court here in Toronto, so it's a great performance for me. I played a fantastic match today.

I am really, really happy to win this match.

Q. You seemed very fluid. Your strokes were going in a very smooth path. Can you talk through the match, how it went?

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, today I play good. I felt my stroke really, really good. It was okay. I served good. I had a great backhand. The difference was my backhand on his backhand, I think.

I don't know if he played his best match. But me today, I played really good.

Q. Were you afraid that he was going to come back at you in the second set?

RICHARD GASQUET: I was a little bit afraid because I was leading 4-Love, 5-1. 5-1 to 5-3, I was a little bit afraid, of course, because I had to serve for the match. I played a great game. After, if I lose this game, it will be 5-4. It would be difficult after.

But I won 6-3. I was really really happy.

Q. You've had a lot of problem with injury. How is that now?

RICHARD GASQUET: Since two months it's okay because I had a problem with my stomach, here, against Russia. I was injured. After since two months, I play good because I won two tournaments, won on grass court and one on clay, so I had a lot of confidence before this match. It's great for me to win James.

Q. The arm is okay now?

RICHARD GASQUET: Yeah, my arm is okay. I am lucky because I think it's finish.

Q. Your ambition now? The next match or do you have ambition beyond that?

RICHARD GASQUET: We never know. Everybody is strong in this tournament. We will see. I hope to win my next match. After, I will see.

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