Richard: ''I played my best match''
Date: 15 mars 2006 à 16:40:22 CET
Sujet: Interview (English)

The Pacific Life Open did a video interview with Richard after his win over Dominik Hrbaty yesterday. You can watch the video by clicking this link and we have also transcribed it.

Q: Looking at the stats today, you only lost ten points on your serve in the entire match. That must be really pleasing for you?

RG: Yeah, I think it was the key of the match today because Dominik is a great player, so I had to serve good. I served a lot of aces, and I served really good. I think I won with my serve today.

Q: Did you feel in control throughout the entire match?

RG: Yeah yeah, I played really good because he plays unbelievable from the baseline and never misses, so today it was really difficult. The weather was OK. I played my best match. I couldn’t play better today.

Q: He stands a long way behind the baseline as well, so you’re able to execute the drop shots…

RG: Yeah I tried to make some drop shots, because from the baseline, I think he can play better than me, so I had to go to the net, to serve good, to change my game and tactically, I played really good today.

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