Richard: ''I think I can win this match.''
Date: 09 février 2006 à 17:07:30 CET
Sujet: Interview (English) has recorded interviews with members of the French and German teams. You can listen to them by visiting this article or alternatively we have transcribed Richard's interview and part of Captain Guy Forget's where he talks about his selection of the young French star.

Q: Richard, this is only your second Davis Cup tie. The first was very exciting because you had that great win against Andreev in Russia. What do you remember about that?

RG: I had a lot of pressure to play in Davis Cup. My first match – it was difficult for me. But now, I won in Russia, so I am more relaxed today, but I have a lot of pressure tomorrow for my match against Haas. So we will see. I am confident and I hope to win.

Q: You’re the French number one player, but you had injuries at the end of last year, and haven’t played many matches this year…do you feel OK about the way you’re playing?

RG: Yeah, I’ve practised a lot. I think I am OK. I am fit. I’ve played a lot of matches but I lost, but you know in Davis Cup it’s really different. I have Guy Forget in the chair so I will be more relaxed with him, but we will see. I think I can win this match.

Q: One of the matches you’ve played this year was against Tommy Haas. Haas won that one, will this one be different?

RG: Yeah it’s different, it’s in Davis Cup. I lost in Australia, but I didn’t play good. But I know to me, he’s a great player so it will be really difficult to win him. But I think I have great chances to win. We will see…we will see tomorrow.

French Captain Guy Forget on Richard Gasquet

"When you have someone like Richard Gasquet on your team and you can see the level of tennis he’s able of showing…he almost made the top ten last year, you know if he hadn’t been injured. I mean everyone’s scared of someone like Richard when he plays well. I mean he has so much talent; he’s so powerful, that on any given day, he can beat anyone you know. Even Roger Federer! So maybe his confidence is not at it’s highest at the moment, but I mean he’s such a great player. You know I’m sure we’ll see him in the next few years being one of the best players in the world."

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