Gasquet regroups
Date: 03 avril 2009 à 10:08:39 CEST
Sujet: Richard (English)

There was a lively „team“ Gasquet. Untill recently, the Frenchman, following Murray’s example, was accompanied by his coach, a physical coach and an osteopath, Since a few weeks, he does not work with his physical coach, Nicolas Pérotte, anymore and right now he also stopped working with the osteopath, Francois Teissedre.

It seems as if a disagreement about the way to deal with his recurring shoulder injury is behind the separation. “I have wished to make the relation between coach and player closer”, comments his coach, Guillaume Peyre. “Richard is only nr 25 in the world, and there were too many people around him. In addition: many people, many opinions." Gasquet, who still suffers from an inflammation of a tendon in his right shoulder, is in Béziers at the moment working on his lower body and is still not sure whether he will participate at the tournament in Monte Carlo (12-19 April). He will use the competences of specialists at the team Lagardère to deal with his physical condition.

Translated from a L'Equipe Article, 3 April 2009 by Puschkin

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