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Le Coq Sportif

 Interview with Richard

Interview (English)

Richard's post match interview, following his win over Verdasco.

Source: ASAP Sports

Q. Can you draw some lessons from this match?

RICHARD GASQUET: I don't know if I can draw some lessons. The only thing I can say is that it would have been very tough to lose. In Davis Cup I already lost 8 6, so this time it would have been really difficult to accept. But he was hitting so hard that with my one hand backhand it was difficult. I was staying back. He has one of the best forehands in the world. The match was tough. I'm very pleased that I fought until the end. This is the only thing I want to remember. Mentally and physically it was tough.

Q. How are you physically?

RICHARD GASQUET: I only started playing again on Friday and Saturday. I had a sore toe after the Davis Cup, so I was not prepared for this tournament. I didn't expect to play three hours today. I hope I'll be able to recuperate.

Q. He was up 2 Love, 40 Love. What did you think then?

RICHARD GASQUET: He can really be angry against himself for that game. I was not playing well then, and he really had to crush me at that precise moment.

Q. On the matchpoints, couldn't you have taken more initiative?

RICHARD GASQUET: I didn't miss. He was the one playing on the lines. He really can regret that game at 2 Love. It was good for me.

Q. When you see him playing one then two then three incredible shots, don't you start thinking you should take more risks?

RICHARD GASQUET: I wasn't expecting him to play those forehands all over the place. Congratulations to him. I can try to be more aggressive, but what I did was to play deep shots and waiting for the short one to come. It was him who was playing well. As I said, I didn't expect such forehands. I really served very bad. It was a very bad match service wise. I had lost my rhythm, and on top of it he's a lefty so the zones are different. The only thing I can regret is my serve, not the rest.

Q. You often play long matches like against Youzhny and this one.

RICHARD GASQUET: Yes. Five hours and three hours.

Read the rest of the interview here



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