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Le Coq Sportif

 Interview from the Monte Carlo's web site!

Interview (English)"Here is the interview given after its victory against Mantilla, in press conference: ...

Do Q. You prefer now truths specialists in the ground beaten like Costa, rather than Davydenko?
R. Yes, I start to love the Spaniards. But, if I must play against Davydenko, I will try to gain ......

Do Q. You remember this first set against Costa? After, there was the rain, and that was another match?
R. It was indeed a large match for me, and it is him which gained the tournament afterwards. I was the only one to prick a set to him.

Did Q. Today, to 5-4, 40-0, you perhaps take the things too easily? It launched you two black looks.
R. Not, I tried to make a ace on my second service, which was idiotic. I also missed one deadened, it was an idiotic play. On the other hand, I knew rebreaker immediately, although I was carried out 5-0. All alone, I succeeded in gaining this point with 40-0.

Q.A 6-5, there was a long exchange, then you made 2 deadened.
R. Yes, because I was tired; moreover, I wanted that it courre.

Q. You, how did you acquired this capacity to be reacted work it?
R.I try not to irritate me. If I gained this match, it is only because I was capable of rebreaker immediately.

Is Q. There a risk which you are the only French still out of stringer this evening?
R.I hope that not. I think that Santoro is likely to gain. Cyril badly left, but Santoro will gain.

Is Q. It the first time that you reach one 3rd turn in Master Series?
R. Yes, I know that I can go far in these tournaments. I have the level to gain matches. "



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Interview (English)

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