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Le Coq Sportif

 Richard Chats with his Fans

Richard (English)Richard chatted with his fans yesterday at 20.00 CET on the Argentinian tennis blog Fue Buena.

16:18 Uri Stilman: We still waiting for Richard. He´s here

16:20 Richard Gasquet: hello im here thanks for coming

16:21 [Comentario de Daniel Gabin] Richard, how did you feel playing in Buenos Aires? 16:22 Richard Gasquet: its very nice i came 6 years ago i wanted to come back , bad luck i lost first match but i ll come back for sure

16:22 [Comentario de Santiago] Do you believe Federer is the best tennis player ever? What did you feel when you beat him in 2005? 16:23 Richard Gasquet: for sure he is , he won everything and yes its a great memory when ill stop my carreer i could tell i won him

16:24 [Comentario de Guest] Who is the most easy going player in the tour? Or... if you did a party, who's the one you gotta invite? 16:24 Richard Gasquet: safin for sure

16:24 [Comentario de Mariano] How does a professional player really do to enjoy tennis when he plays almost every day for many years? 16:25 Richard Gasquet: its a great life , we enjoy it , its a dream to play with a lot of crowds , there are thousands of jobs who are more difficult

16:25 [Comentario de Guest] will you be back here next year? 16:25 Richard Gasquet: yes i think so

16:25 [Comentario de idafe] Hi Richard: Tell us how is you personal relation with Rafael Nadal. Thanks. 16:26 Richard Gasquet: i know him since im a child and he s a very nice guy , very polite , he s a good guy really

16:26 [Comentario de Falzoun] Richard... have you ever listen from the beginning to the end any of Yannick Noah's records?? honestly please 16:27 Richard Gasquet: its not my favourite singer but hes very good on scene in a stadium , hes a showman but yes im surprised because hes very very famous as singer

16:27 [Comentario de Wonffiss] Hi men! what a pleassure to have you! i've 2 questions for you: what did you feel when you defeated squillari at 15? happiness? pressure? who teached you to hit the backhand? 16:28 Richard Gasquet: happiness for sure and pressure later because of french crowd and my father but its a natural shot

16:28 [Comentario de Margareta] First of all: Congatulations for having the courage to take an Argentian coach. What is new for you working with him? 16:28 Richard Gasquet: hes not the same culture than french guys but ikts very interesting , we ll see during the year

16:28 [Comentario de Pablo] every player has to say every day where he is, nadal does not argee with this policy. do you? 16:29 Richard Gasquet: i can understand we have to fight against doping but its very hard ,l think like nadal

16:29 [Comentario de Atilio] How you feel in Bs As after a few years since the last time when you coming? 16:30 Richard Gasquet: very good tournament and people and nice orgsanisation ill coñe back

16:30 [Comentario de nomnom] Hi Richard! Why do you think French players haven't won a slam in almost 30 years? 16:30 Richard Gasquet: because its really hard !

16:30 [Comentario de Leandro1] Richard, you play as well in clay and in grass, wich one of those you prefer? 16:30 Richard Gasquet: grass , less argentinian than on clay !

16:30 [Comentario de Pablo] Hi Richard!, which victory in the circuit do you remember as your best one, and why? 16:30 Richard Gasquet: federer and because its federer

16:31 [Comentario de Guest] Hi Richie! I noticed Julien Benneteau was wearing Roger Federer's shoes, which he obviously stole from his locker. If you could steal something of Roger's, what would it be? 16:31 Richard Gasquet: his forehand !

16:31 [Comentario de amigokin] Hi Richard! It is a pleasure to have you here. What a talented player. Do you feel, with a new coach and everything, that this is a reset in your carrer? 16:32 Richard Gasquet: im trying to come back in top 10 , its hard but ill still young

16:32 [Comentario de Oscar] Sa va Richard let me ask you : Is Sarkozy a Jew? 16:32 Richard Gasquet: no i dont think so !

16:33 [Comentario de Guest] How do you feel about your first round loss? 16:33 Richard Gasquet: bad feeling of course !

16:33 [Comentario de meli] do you follow the winter olympics? 16:33 Richard Gasquet: not so much , more champions league and lyon team

16:33 [Comentario de Sebastian] Which is the best tournament to play? Taking into account the place, the facilities, the people/fans, the hotels, all that stuff 16:33 Richard Gasquet: us open and roland garros

16:34 [Comentario de Guest] besides your own backhand, which single-handed backhand is your favorite on tour now? 16:34 Richard Gasquet: gaudio i think

16:34 [Comentario de Crystal] Are you jealous of Andy Roddick for getting bigger crocodiles on his clothes than you? 16:34 Richard Gasquet: no ! but funny question !

16:34 [Comentario de Leandro1] In the pass years France had a very important evolution in the men tennis circuit, which things do you think have made possible this change? 16:35 Richard Gasquet: the french system with a lot of helps from federation

16:35 [Comentario de lamangosta] and....what kind of music do you listen? 16:35 Richard Gasquet: coldplay i like

16:35 [Comentario de Guest] Do you rewatch your own matches for prcatise purposes? 16:36 Richard Gasquet: sometimes yes but just if i played well !

16:36 [Comentario de Sophie] Richard, I hope you will be cheering for France in the world cup this summer! Allez les bleus! 16:36 Richard Gasquet: i agree !

16:36 [Comentario de Guest] Argentina is going to face with Sweden at Davis Cup, but without Del Potro, who is injured. Do you think that we will can win in Stockholm? 16:36 Richard Gasquet: i think yes

16:37 [Comentario de lidia] lyon? I thought you were a psg fan! 16:37 Richard Gasquet: i am but theres not in champions league !

16:37 [Comentario de Keko] wich is your Football team here, RIVER ? 16:37 Richard Gasquet: i dont know really well but i like heinze he played in paris

16:38 [Comentario de Tellier] Hi Richard. I always like to watch you play on grass, but there are so few tournaments played on that surface. Would you like the grass season to be longer than it is? 16:38 [Comentario de Guest] Why did you decide to play in South America instead of Marseille? 16:38 Richard Gasquet: because its nice tournament in buenos aires just for it

16:38 [Comentario de Habib] do you play video games? what type of games you like the most? 16:39 Richard Gasquet: football games pes

16:39 [Comentario de Nicolas] who is the most difficult argentinian player that you play? 16:39 Richard Gasquet: nalbandian

16:39 [Comentario de Pablo] what would you like to do when you retire? 16:39 Richard Gasquet: hard to say now hope to play ten more years

16:40 [Comentario de hache] you prefer win roland garros or wimbledon? 16:40 Richard Gasquet: i dont care it d nice to win one of them !

16:40 [Comentario de Charlotte] Will you play Roland Garros this year? 16:40 Richard Gasquet: of course !

16:41 [Comentario de JEU] Hi RIchard, do you think you can ever come back in the top 10 ? 16:41 Richard Gasquet: hard but i think i can

16:41 [Comentario de Paul] have you ever been in other south american countries? like Uruguay for example 16:41 Richard Gasquet: just chile and brasil

16:41 [Comentario de Lucie] What do you want to tell to your fans who support you all the time? 16:42 Richard Gasquet: that im sorry to lose here in first round!

16:42 [Comentario de Paolys] I want to take a picture with you today! Do you think it would be possible? jaja kidding... 16:42 Richard Gasquet: for sure come on the tournament site

16:42 [Comentario de Guest] will you play Queens this year? 16:42 Richard Gasquet: yes

16:43 [Comentario de Guest] Why do you find Nalbandian and Ferrer so difficult to play? 16:43 Richard Gasquet: they never miss its hard to play them

16:44 [Comentario de Geraldine] What do you think about Argentina? Do you like it? 16:44 Richard Gasquet: yes i like it , nice country

16:44 [Comentario de Guest] Are you communicating with your new coach in English or French? 16:44 Richard Gasquet: frenchglish!

16:44 [Comentario de Keko] what do you think about Argentine women ? 16:44 Richard Gasquet: good things !

16:45 [Comentario de Yzaga] What does it feel like when you rip backhand winners out of nowhere? Better than sex? 16:45 Richard Gasquet: hard to answer , depends !

16:45 [Comentario de Chicho] Who is the best player of history ??? 16:45 Richard Gasquet: easy to answer ! federer

16:45 [Comentario de Tamar] Hi, Richard! It's a pleasure. You have just said that Nalbandian is the most difficult argentinian player you have played against. Why? and do you think he will be able to be top-ten again? 16:46 Richard Gasquet: if hes not injured of course he will m cause hes really talented he can do everything on court

16:46 [Comentario de Sebastian] Do you think that is a relation between being a father or being married and the level of a tennis player? There are some examples of players levering down when one of those happens 16:46 Richard Gasquet: i really dont know , im too young to tell you !

16:46 [Comentario de Keko] is santoro your referent ? 16:47 Richard Gasquet: no just one of my good friends

16:47 [Comentario de Diego566] have you many friends in the circuit or they are just partners?? 16:47 Richard Gasquet: some yes

16:47 [Comentario de Polo] What do you think of your english accent? I love it. Merci d'exister, c'est un bonheur de te voir jouer 16:47 Richard Gasquet: i try my best !

16:47 [Comentario de Keko] What do you think about Del potro? 16:47 Richard Gasquet: he can be number one

16:48 [Comentario de Oscar] Do you think Iran should be Nuke it? 16:48 Richard Gasquet: im not nicolas sarkozy to answer

16:48 [Comentario de Reiko] Hi, Richard!  Will you play Japan Open this year? You know we love you! 16:48 Richard Gasquet: yes ill come back !

16:48 [Comentario de Guest] Why do you wear your cap backwards? 16:49 Richard Gasquet: i really dont know good question i like it but i play without now

16:49 [Comentario de Alexia] Hi Richie! Who are some of your best friends on tour? 16:49 Richard Gasquet: monfils

16:49 [Comentario de Mixal] Hey, Richard, sorry if this has been asked, what's your favourite player? 16:50 Richard Gasquet: i dont know , i have no favourite players , just football payers

16:50 [Comentario de Guest] Do you think you will play Davis Cup this year? 16:50 Richard Gasquet: i hope !

16:50 [Comentario de Sof] Why do you play without cap this year? (I prefer^^) 16:50 Richard Gasquet: cause me too i prefer !

16:50 [Comentario de Bashak] will you play the new french tournament in Nice? 16:51 Richard Gasquet: i think yes

16:51 [Comentario de Juan] Richard, i saw you yesterday playing doubles, have you played any time with vasallo arguello? what do you think about him? 16:51 Richard Gasquet: first time and he plays good and a nice guy

16:51 [Comentario de Habib] who do you think will win the French Open this year? 16:51 Richard Gasquet: nadal

16:51 [Comentario de Marya] All right, who are your favourite football players? 16:51 Richard Gasquet: zidane but hes retired of course

16:51 [Comentario de Cabe] As a kid, Who was your favourite player? 16:52 Richard Gasquet: sampras

16:52 [Comentario de Diego566] what backhand do you think is better: gaudio's backhand or nalbandian's backhand? im asking you this because for me you have the best backhand ever!! 16:52 Richard Gasquet: thank you , i think both are incredible

16:52 [Comentario de Daniel Gabin] Zidane or Platini? Maradona or Pelé? Nalbandian or Del Potro? 16:53 Richard Gasquet: zidane maradona and i dont know both are very good players

16:53 [Comentario de JP] do you speak any spanish? 16:53 Richard Gasquet:

id like but not at all ! 16:53 [Comentario de Guest] Did you enjoy acting in your Head and Shoulders advert? 16:53 Richard Gasquet: it was fun yes

16:53 [Comentario de Mardee] Hi Richard! Do you want to have babies in a few years? 16:54 Richard Gasquet: need to fing the girls before! 16:54 Richard Gasquet: girl sorry !

16:54 [Comentario de Alexia] What is your favourite kind of pasta to eat before a match? 16:54 Richard Gasquet: any kind but pasta is the best yes

16:55 Richard Gasquet: i answer last question and thank you for coming i had fun doing this and to speak with with you , see you soon ! 16:55 [Comentario de Juan] Have you tried some typical argentinian food? Like ASADO? 16:56 Richard Gasquet: yes and its very good !

16:56 Richard Gasquet: thanks again everyone, have to go now, see you on the tour!!!



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