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Le Coq Sportif

 Gasquet will give his all

Tennis (English)The Frenchman will make an extra effort to forget his remarkable defeat against Murray.

In the future, partly due to Richard Gasquet, implacable before being brought back to earth by Andy “Brave-Heart” Murray, the Scotsman who showed his biceps has found a new nickname printed in bold in the tabloids: Unbelievable Hulk. One does not talk anymore about Henman Hill, the little hill in the stadium with a big screen, but about Murray Mount. An exceptional match, an exceptional spectacle, incredible viewers’ rates (…). And unusual behaviour, too. As –after leaving the court after this incredible night thriller – Gasquet, far from broken, was finally also in the mood of becoming a hulk. In the locker room, just after the match, Richard looked at his physical trainer and asked “Can we go jogging tomorrow?” told his coach Guillaume Peyre. I had to intervene and say no, so that he gets his two days off.

Well, maybe the proof of a new approach, in any case a sign that the Frenchman had digested his defeat which questioned his killer instinct. “When he served at 5-4, he got timid. It went fast. He lost his game quickly. And I, I regret having been on the other side of the court, because I could not tell him to take his time”, continued Peyre. “But after he had lost the third set, I really believed that Richard would win in four as he was on top of the game. But he panicked in the forth set. And even if he has refound his combativtiy in difficult circumstances with a whistling crowd, he could not get out [of troubles] opposite a very good Murray.

Revived through grass

“But it was the first time of the year, he played in such conditions. When he will be stable on such a level, he will multiply experiences like that. What is good is that he is hyper-motivated to play again soon. It has been a long time since he has felt his strokes like against Murray. He has desire. After the two days of an imposed break, the programme will continue next week with the clay tourney in Stuttgart and then the North American tour with Toronto and Cincinnati. And because he is eager, he won’t be disappointed. Now the objective is to reinforce the physique. We have started a month ago and he has never worked so much [before]. But we are still far from the tasks I want to impose on him.”

Burdened with a low level of play which he showed in spring, revitalised on grass as usual, Gasquet has not lost everything in this Wimbledon which was frustrating in its conclusion. If he loses his points from last year and falls out of the Top Ten, he remains nevertheless the French no. 1 (around 16 generally) just in front of Tsonga and Mathieu. With a clear goal to follow: never worse than a quarter final in the tourneys he participates in. This is in any case the limit required by his coach.

Source: L’Equipe 2 July 2008 Translated by Puschkin



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